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I want to grow up not because i hate my parents or want to get out of home but because i want the freedom to do tiny things like decided what furniture goes in my house and what colour the walls are and if i should go out at night rather than stay in doing work for once I want to decide what music to play in my own home while i’m cooking or cleaning and how loud it is. I want to experience the world without a barrier and to be able to express who i am through the little details.


sorry if i’m off the mark here but i’m tired of both people who act really immature about not liking school and people who see those people and act really pretentious and awful because they think they have some sort of godly wisdom in saying “suck it up you spineless baby” when really things shouldn’t have to be this way they really shouldn’t

(also in case anyone mentions it: i’m a low-average high school student who generally gets by on really high test scores and has been thinking about ways the school system could improve mostly by watching their friends and observing their problems)

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